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The San Diego Bluegrass Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of bluegrass music in the San Diego area. 

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Bluegrass Day at the Fair 2018

Bluegrass took the Paddock Stage by storm on Sunday, June 10, 2018 for Bluegrass Day at the Fair, co-sponsored by SDBS and the North County Bluegrass & Folk Club. We hope you enjoy these terrific photos by SDBS member David Cupp. Kudos to the Band Scramble winners (list at right).

Photos by David Cupp

Youth performers included cello.
Youth on stage
Parents, fans, grandparents enjoy the youth performances.

Young girl
The kids had a great time.

Youth group
Bridget Dolkas Youth Group.

Old Time Fiddlkers
Old Time Fiddlers in action.

Steve Green
Steve Green enjoys the band scramble.

Shirthouse Band in concert.

MJ GRoup
Band Scramble Band Number 1 lights up the stage.

Mary Jane Cupp, SDBS Board President performs with the Shoreline Pickers.






Band Scramble / List of Winners

We had a great turnout for this year's band scramble at Bluegrass Day at the Fair. Each band performed three songs on stage, with only about 15 minutes to meet, choose songs (and a band name!), and rehearse. The winners were selected by our volunteer judges, Dan Harrison and Pat Mallen, with the help of audience applause.

Here are the winners:

Best Band: San Diego Sweetgrass with Paul Belke and Roger Taylor (guitar), Kathleen Green (fiddle), Mary Jane Cupp and Ann Palmatier (mandolin), Charli Crissy (bass), and John Deckard (harp)

Individual winners:
Female singer: Mary Jane Cupp
Male singer: Bill Livesay
Guitar: Darrell Madison
Banjo: Phil Levy
Mandolin: Mary Jane Cupp
Fiddle: Kathleen Green
Bass: Charli Crissy
Novelty: Richie Strell on harmonica
Youth: William Robinson on ukulele

Bridgett dolkas
Bridget Dolkas brought a great youth group to the Fair.

Dale Desmuke leads The Lightnin' Bugs.


Dan Touchstone, Old Time Fiddler.


On stage
The Paddock Stage was a great home for Bluegrass Day at the Fair.

Lightnin Bugs
The Lightnin' Bugs.

Pete Lauterbach of The Shirthouse Band.

Steve Dame
Steve Dame with the Lightnin' Bugs.

Willie Randall demonstrates old time fiddling.